Floriculture Links


Web sites for selected floriculture and horticulture organizations, markets, commissions, and associations:

California Cut Flower Commission www.ccfc.org
California State Floral Association www.calstatefloral.com
California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers www.cangc.org
California Association of Flower Growers and Shippers www.norcalflowers.org
California Horticultural Society www.calhortsociety.org
Society of American Florists (consumer site) www.aboutflowers.com
Society of American Florists (member site) www.safnow.org
American Floral Endowment www.endowment.org
American Society for Horticultural Science www.ashs.org
American Institute of Floral Designers www.aifd.org
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers www.ascfg.org
Los Angeles Flower District www.laflowerdistrict.com
The Original Los Angeles Flower Market www.originallaflowermarket.com/
OFA – An Association of Floriculture Professionals www.ofa.org
International Cut Flower Growers Association www.rosesinc.org
San Diego Flower and Plant Association www.flowerandplant.org
San Diego International Floral Trade Center www.floraltradecenter.com
San Francisco Flower Mart www.sfflmart.com