Directed Scholarship Awards Program


Prompted by gifts from the California Flower Council, District 15B of the Extra Touch Floral Association (formerly the FTD association), and the Shinoda Design Center, the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. has established a Directed Scholarships Program.

  Through this initiative, the foundation encourages individuals and/or companies to directly participate in the award of scholarships that will promote the growth of floriculture and help nurture future generations of industry leaders. Such gifts could also be used to make a lasting tribute to a cherished family member or colleague, or to recognize the importance of an entire company.

  Contributing individuals or companies name the scholarship/s and determine the qualifications for recipients. The Shinoda Foundation solicits applications from students at selected colleges and universities across the nation, administers the selection process, manages the funds, and publicizes the contributors’ gifts.

  Contributors have the option of donating one time, or being billed annually. Memorial scholarships may be collected from multiple sources and be awarded in the name of an individual. To facilitate determining recipients’ qualifications for the scholarship/s, contributors are provided sample criteria on an easy to fill out form. Minimum gift for a donor to qualify for the Directed Scholarship Awards Program is $1,000 one time or annually.

  To obtain a Directed Scholarship Awards Program form, click here. The completed form may be submitted by mailing it to the address listed below, by e-mail, or by other direct delivery means (i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.).

For other information about the Directed Scholarship Awards Program, call or write to:

Pat Broering, Executive Assistant
The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc.
962 Pecho St.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 704-2408