Fact Sheet


The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization headquartered in San Luis Obispo, Calif. The foundation is dedicated to ensuring the continued success of the commercial floriculture industry through encouraging creative young students to pursue careers in floriculture.



The purpose of the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students who have chosen to prepare for careers in the floriculture industry. It is through education that the interests and potential of young people can be developed in order to meet the expanding demands of the floral industry.

The Shinoda Foundation was established in 1964 under the auspices of the California State Florists’ Association in memory of the late Joseph Shinoda, a highly regarded pioneer of the floral industry.

Shinoda became president of his father’s operation, the San Lorenzo Nursery Co., in 1933. Until his death in 1964, Shinoda was known as an innovator and leader in the flower industry. He was one of the first to use radio and billboard advertising to promote retail sales of flowers, use computer technology in his business, and establish health insurance and other benefits for employees. He was outspoken in his belief that the long-term growth and success of the flower industry was dependent on an ongoing supply of well-educated young people.

He was one of the founders and early president of the California State Florists’ Association, president of the Southern California Floral Association, and a director of the Society of American Florists.

After his death, flower industry leaders from throughout California joined friends and members of the Shinoda family to create an enduring memorial to Joseph Shinoda. The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation was established, and awarded its first scholarships of $1,000 in 1965. The Foundation was incorporated in 1972.

Scholarship Recipients:
Each year, scholarships are awarded by the foundation to students specializing in some phase of floriculture.

To be eligible, applicants must plan to attend a college, university or California community college with accredited floriculture course work during the next academic school year. Applicants must also intend to work in some phase of commercial floriculture in the United States after graduation. Applications and related materials are accepted from January through March each year.

Industry Impact:
Since 1965, the foundation has awarded scholarships valued at more than $777,000 to 650 floriculture students and incentive grants of over $186,000 to college and university floriculture and related programs across the nation.